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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Like A Wild River

We are back to the cold Northerner which is also called the “Quebec Express”.
When I got outside it was soooo cold…. If it would be possible to bring the cold through the internet, your screen would freeze over!

Here’s what i found at Mulholland Lighthouse. The tide, beaten up by the wind, was rushing out at sea at record breaking speed. It was more resembling a wild river than a narrow strait. The Bay of Fundy is known to have the highest tides in the world. Campobello has 28ft. tides and it’s falling/rising at 5ft/hr. That’s an awful lot of water being moved back and forth. It’s also the reason why the waters contain very high oxygen and are the feeding grounds for Atlantic whales. During the summer, scores of seals can be observed along the tidal current. All they have to do is wait until fish are drawn along with the current. Seals are having real feasts here every day.
1-DSC_0032     Looking across “The Narrows” at Lubec, ME 
1-DSC_0033     Tide running out under F.D.R. International Bridge
                                  1-DSC_0043 1-DSC_0038
I went on to see the damage caused by the winter storms. The view platform at Liberty Point is in need of major repair.
1-DSC_0019 1-DSC_0018
                                    Liberty Point w. view to Grand Manan
Then there is the damage to the cliffs. Those trees are gone for ever. An act of nature.
1-DSC_0008 1-DSC_0010 1-DSC_0013 1-DSC_0007
Already repaired: The stairway down to Raccoon beach.

1-DSC_0003Left: This is where the stairs at Pt.Robinson went down to the beach. We used to serve breakfast here for our guests last summer.
There is sure lots of work in store for the park workers this spring.

1-DSC_0047     View across Friars Bay to Eastport,ME

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