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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Campobello Island (part 1)

Here, on the island, more and more summer-residents are arriving. And plans are already made to re-start the work on the East-Quoddy Lighthouse. Ah – of course, you don’t know it yet. We have two lighthouses on the island: On the south-tip towards Lubec, Maine, there is the Mulholland Lighthouse, then on the north end we have the much bigger East Quoddy Lighthouse. The East-Quoddy lighthouse was given to the Campobello Community in 2006. It was in pity conditions when a group of enthusiasts, mostly pensionists, started the rehabilitation of the buildings. 

The East Quoddy Lighthouse
Today East-Quoddy is a powerful attraction as it stands perched on the rocks against the Bay of Fundy. But work will never stop out there. So last year, I joined the group and have worked with a number of small projects.  The lighthouse is also the best spot on the island to view the whales. The whales are coming in late summer and stay around for feeding until early october. They are just another attraction we have out here, which can also be viewed by hooking up with a whale-watch boat from the island.

Campobello Island is a small island, less than 10 miles long and 3 miles wide. Water views are abundant with the Passamaquoddy Bay to the West and the open ocean to the East.  It is one of the most beautiful spots on earth I have ever seen.  A number of natural beaches invite the beach comber to hours of searching for “treasures”, and hikers will love the many paths through out the Herring Cove Provincial Park and the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park. 

What? An International Park? Yes that’s right, we have the only International Park on Canadian soil which is administered by both the U.S.A. and Canada governments.  One of the more famous U.S.-Presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt, established his summer residence on this island. It is a “cottage” of 34 rooms located towards the Passamaquoddy Bay on the South end of the island. Around the cottage there is a beautiful garden and beyond that, acres and acres of natural park landscape with miles of trails.

I will be writing more about Campobello Island in the days and weeks to follow. So hang on and read it right here on!

In the Roosevelt-Campobello Intern'l Park

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