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Monday, June 6, 2011

Exquisite on Campobello (part 2)

From friends we had heard that the Roosevelt Cottage had planned a luncheon as a fund raiser for our lighthouse group. 
Roosevelt Cottage
Of course we had to support the idea, and besides it would be an excellent opportunity to meet our friends and enjoy the exquisite surroundings of the park buildings. The luncheon was to be held in the Prince Cottage.  The cottage is normally not open to the public. Most visitors will never see or notice it as it is hidden between big trees.
A wide, double-columned porch invites us inside. As we enter we are immediately taken by the elegance greeting us from the living area. We are also invited to view the upper floors where all the neatly renovated bedrooms, most of them with ensuite baths, are located. The Prince Cottage serves as part of the parks conference activity as it offers a large dining area with modern equipped kitchen.

After lunch we walk over to the Hubbard Cottage to enjoy the Eleanor Roosevelt Tea-time.

Hubbard Cottage

Living Room in Hubbard Cottage

Living Room towards the Bay side

Hubbard was an American Millionaer who, like the Roosevelts, had fallen in love with the islands charming nature and remote location. He had a cottage built which is one of the richest decorated cottages on the island. Like also the Prince and the Roosevelt Cottages the Hubbard was built with a wide view across the Passamaquoddy Bay.  When touring the cottage, it becomes clear that the woodwork is even more elaborate than that of the Roosevelt Cottage.  Also, the living room is just stunningly beautiful.

The Hubbards often enjoyed Campobello together with the Roosevelts and had picnics together.
We were served tea with delicious cookies and it turned out to be the most inspiring afternoon.

But we hadn’t brought our camera and Bea wanted to get back to fetch the Nikon. In the meantime I took Molly and drove out into the Roosevelt Park. The park features a coastal trail offering amazing views across the ocean. Since I am still hampered with the recovery of my left foot, I had brought a camping chair, while Molly was exploring the close-up surroundings.

The quiet of the park can hardly be described. Today it was only the faint surf along the beach which could be heard.

I will write more about the Park, the history and the Roosevelts. Just hang in here and read on tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Peter & Bea!

    It took some trials & errors to discover a way to let you now that driving conditions kept improving north of St. Stephen, and that we arrived safely at Comfort Inn well before dark. (not dark yet!).

    Rogie & Zeus send fond regards to yoy both & Molly Dog.